Boatwright's Dining Hall, Walt Disney World, Kissimmee, FL

Boatwright's Dining Hall
1251 Riverside Dr
Orlando, FL 32830
(Located in Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside)
(407) 934-5749
Open 7 days a week 5pm-9pm

Southern Louisiana fare. Shrimp and Grits, ribs, Nashville hot fried chicken, brisket, smoked sausage, prime rib and more.

Once seated, guests are greeted with a hearty helping of sweet cornbread and softened butter. It is a delicious start to the meal. In fact, our reviewers fond it difficult to restrain themselves in order to save room for the main course.

The restaurant is connected to the River Roost bar providing a variety of specialty drinks and wines. Our reviewers were delighted with the Blood Orange Margarita  and the Moscato D'asti wine and noted the bartenders are generous with the libations.

For the main course,  our reviewers selected the shrimp and grits and the prime rib. The grits were creamy. The shrimp and sausage was spicy but not overwhelming making an overall great dish.

The prime rib was peppered giving it a delicious almost blackened taste but again not overwhelming. Horseradish sauce was provided on the side and possessed the expected heat. The prime rib was served the mashed potatoes that were light and delicious approaching cream potatoes. Additionally, the plate included fresh french style green beans which were lightly seasoned.

For dessert, our reviewers shared a serving of red velvet cheesecake and coffee. We recognize this is a difficult crossing of flavors, and they did an amazing job with this dessert.

Overall Rating: 4 Slaps!