Sam&Ella's Chicken Palace, Tahlequah, OK

419 N Muskogee Ave
Tahlequah, OK 74464 
(918) 456-1411

2209 S Elliott ST 
Pryor, OK 74361
(918) 825-6224

7 days a week, 10AM-10PM

So you ask yourself, "Self, why is a pizza place called Sam & Ella's Chicken Palace?" Well the owners thought it funny to play on the sound of "salmonella", often contracted from not properly handling uncooked chicken. Say it fast and it sounds like the Salmonella Chicken Palace. Oddly enough while the restaurant is decorated in Chicken regalia, the only chicken on the menu is one chicken sandwich and chicken as a pizza topping. They assured our reviewers that all chicken is properly handled and all ServeSafe precautions are exercised in handling all food items. 

Sam & Ella's Supreme - red sauce, mozzarella, spicy crumbled sausage, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, pepperoni and black olives

We found Sam & Ella's pies tasty. The crust leans toward the thicker bread style. Some of our group tried the Dominiquer - creamy ranch dressing, chicken, bacon, sweet onion, mushroom, black olive, and fresh tomatoes. They remarked that the could not taste the ranch dressing. Those that sampled the Supreme had no complaints. Overall we found it a good choice and would readily return to try some of their other pies.

Rating: 4 Slaps!