Casita Taqueria, Saint Petersburg, FL

Casita Taqueria
2663 Central Ave 
St. Petersburg, FL 33713
(727) 498-8749

Casita Taqueria serves St. Pete in two locations. Our reviewers visited the trendy Central Ave location. A line quickly formed at lunch on a weekday, but the staff manned two registers,and the wait was nominal. Their Sweet Tea passed the critique of two southerners palets (one raised in South Georgia and one raised in Tennessee) - that made of a good start.

We sampled the chips & queso blanco while we waited for our order and were pleasantly surprised that the queso was more than just plain white cheese, but seasoned with additional flavors that set it off as some of the best queso we have ever been served. 

Barbacoa Tacos

When the waitstaff delivered the Barbacoa Tacos (Chipotle, onions, tomato braised beef topped with pico de gallo, queso fresco cheese and cilantro), we were impressed with the presentation. And, didn't Mama always say presentation is 7/10ths of the meal? We were even more delighted after the first bite as they tasted even better than they looked. the braised beef was juicy and tender and wrapped in wonderful flavor.

Pricing was reasonable. The tacos were $2.99 each - a bargain for delicious freshly made tacos. While parking is limited, there is street parking surrounding the area. Despite being located in a renovated gas station, there was adequate seating with several picnic tables outside with some under awnings for shade.

We were significantly impressed with the quality and price which will have us returning.

Rating: FIVE SLAPS!!!