Nine Dragons Restaurant, Walt Disney World, Epcot World Showcase, Kissimmee, FL

Nine Dragons Restaurant
Hours: Daily 12PM - 9:30 PM


Nine Dragons is a Chinese restaurant in the China section of the World Showcase at Epcot. Our reviewers sampled the Pot Stickers and the Nine Dragons Fried Rice.

The Pot Stickers were a delightful appetizer of pan-fried Chicken and Vegetable dumplings served piping hot with Soy Dipping Sauce.

The Nine Dragons Fried Rice was stir-fried rice with Chicken, Ham, Eggs, and Vegetables, topped with Grilled Shrimps. It was balanced well between the meats, eggs, and vegetables and had good flavor.

While the wait staff was pleasant and very attentive, the food was good but not outstanding. We would go back again, but it would not be a first selection.

Rating: 3 Slaps