Molly's Landing - Catoosa, OK

Molly's Landing
3700 N Old Hwy 66, Catoosa, OK 74015

Monday thru Saturday 4–10PM

Sunday Closed

Wet Aged Steak, Lobster, Shrimp, Seafood, and a well stocked bar.

Arriving at Molly's Landing, one crosses an old trestle bridge and descends down a driveway facing a quaint log cabin.

We were quickly greeted by the original owner who led us thru a set of swinging doors and to a table.
Shrimp Cocktail.

We sampled the shrimp cocktail, the 13 oz. Spicy 1872 Ribeye - a wet aged 13 oz ribeye smothered with spicy seasoning and their 9 oz. Fillet. Additionally we tried the baked potato and their scalloped potatoes. Both were served with a spring mix salad and their freshly prepared ranch dressing. The meal was served with fresh baked bread and roasted garlic.

Fresh baked bread and roasted garlic

13 oz. Spicy 1872 Ribeye with baked potato
9 oz. Fillet with scalloped potatoes
The steaks had delicious flavor and were properly cooked to the desired temperatures as ordered. They were fork tender like a dry aged steak, but cut easily.

The baked potato was served with all accompaniments (sour cream, butter, shredded cheddar cheese, freshly made bits of bacon) in separate containers allowing the diner to prepare to taste. And the scalloped potatoes were tender and delicious.

The wait staff was delightful with stories of the restaurant's creation from a hog farm in the 1980s. Our reviewers gave the steaks, salads, potatoes, and adult beverages a solid rating of:
5 Slaps!!!