Urban Comfort Restaurant and Brewery, St. Petersburg, FL

Urban Comfort
2601 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg , FL 33713
727 623-9823
Monday -Friday 11 am to 10 pm
Saturday 10 am to 11 pm
Sunday 10 am to 10 pm

Urban Comfort utilizes and old gas station repurposed as a restaurant with picnic tables under the old awning that covered the original gas pumps and features a shuffle board court.

Our reviewers visited on a Sunday afternoon. As southerners who appreciate southern cooking, we sampled the

Chicken and Waffles,

the Biscuits and Gravy,

and the Shrimp and Grits.

The chicken and waffles were a hit. Moist fried chicken, you pick white or dark meat. served on a golden waffle with a side of butter and traditional pancake syrup. There were no detectable spices used in the chicken. A pretty simple menu item pulled off with out trying to get pretentious. We gave this entree' 4 slaps.

The Shrimp and Grits left something to be desired. The shrimp was fresh, the grits were surprisingly tasteless. They were topped with a light brown gravy which was bland as well. Having sampled many shrimp and grits recipes at various restaurants over the years, we were summarily underwhelmed. We gave this entree' 1 slap and considered none.

The Biscuits and Gravy were an insult to both the biscuits and to gravy. We were unpleasantly surprised to find we could not cut the biscuit with a fork and the gravy was without merit. This entree' gave the impression of someone trying to put a twist on a southern staple and failing miserable. For this entree', we believe Grandma would slap the cook. 0 slaps.

Additionally, their sweet tea was so weak that one had to wonder if it was tea or discolored water which seems like a fairly simple southern recipe.

Overall the dining experience was pleasant but the majority of the menu items left something to be desired.

Overall Rating:
 5 slaps / 3 entrees' = 1.66667 Slaps